My name is Volker.

I am a rickshaw rider.

I'll show you Berlin.

Starting 1st of March! It's spring time - it's rickshaw-time!

Let's go!

Let us explore the beauty of Germany's capital Berlin. I offer both direct taxi-rides and sightseeing tours with a bicycle rickshaw, also known as pedicab in Berlin.

  • environment friendly
  • CO2-neutral
  • comfortable
  • individual
  • also on narrow roads, through the Tiergarten park or along the banks of the river Spree. We'll get where the sightseeing bus can't go
  • in German or in English
  • for up to two adults + one child

Welcome on board - easily!

At daytime, I am on the road through the city with the rickshaw, hence short term requests are best placed via phone/text/Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram

The tours

There is no such a thing as "the" tour. Each and any ride is unique and specially assembled up to your interests. Some suggestions for you.

The classic: Boulevard Unter den Linden to Brandenburg Gate

Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Start: Television Tower, destination: Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a "must have" for any Berlin visitor, as is the Television Tower. But how to get there? Of courst, this is best done with a rickshaw ride! On the ride we will see highlights from historical Berlin. Starting from the "Tower", we cross river Spree with Berlin Cathedral, through the Pleasure Garden and the Museum Island, Unter den Linden. Prussion monarchs, from the Great Elector to emperor Wilhelm II, built monumental edifices: MUseum Island, Cathedral, Arsenal, Neue Wache, State Opera and much more. Let's wave Hello to "OldFritz" before we move forward via Bebelplatz th Gendarmenmarkt. This is assumed to be the most beautful square in Berlin with German and French Dome, and the Theater made by Schinkel - today a concert hall. We proceed to PAriser Platz and Brandenburg Gate.

Am Brandenburger Tor

Where everything began: Ancient city wall and Nikolai district

Duration: approx. 30-45 min
Start and Destination: Television tower

Die Nikolaikirche

^You want to see some places not yet overrun by tourists but you won't move too far away from Television Tower because you have an appontment there soon?The I may show you the places arond the ancient city wall. Not far away from the "Tower", right behind a road with heavy traffic is aplace from foundation era which has survived both the Second World War and the city planning ideas of the 1960ies. You might get an impression woh Berlin was "in those days". Besides buildings from the Foundation Era, we find relics of the medieval city wall, Berlin's oldest pub and the baroque era Parochial Church with a enchanted church yard - a rarity in the densely build Berlin. Not too far away, we find a ruin of the Gray Monastery Church, today used for exhibitions of modern art sculptures.

Do we still have some time? Yes? Then let's corss again this nasty road, which kept tourist masses away and visit Nikolai district, a historicizing neighbourhood round Nikolai Church, Berlins oldest church. This was the place where Berlin has been founded in 1237. Hovever, nearly nothing is original here, but a pretty free reconstruction from GDR times.

We now can extend the tour and continue to explore Berlin's historical center. Otherwise, we see the Church of Mary and the Neptune Fountain on our way back to the Television Tower.

Illumination tours

Duration: 90 mins (recommendation)
Start: e.g. Alexander Sq., Destination: Potsdam Sq.

Berlin offers its qualities also during night - especially if the city dresses up regarding illumination. TheFestival of Lights(this year from 6th of October till 15th of October) submerges the city into ever new projections, animations and light FX which attracts thousands of visitiors each year.

What could be better than a rickshaw-ride through all the trouble and all the installations? Don't forget your camera (and especially your tripod), effectful subjects are wating for you!

Each installation requres a couple of minutes, hence 90 mins are a good experience-based recommendation.

First chill out, then shop: from Television Tower to the KaDeWe

Duration: between 60 and 120 minutes
Start: Television Tower, Destination: KaDeWe

A direct or taxi ride alone is an experience: through Berlins historical center, Boulevard Unter den Linden, Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten park. But you may want to do one or another extra way to explore, what is between Eastern Berlin and its historical center and the former Western Berlin? Let's go! There are many ways to the KaDeWe, what is about this one:

historical center

Let's start from the "Tower" in western direction, across River Spree, Berlin Cathedral and the newly built Humboldt-Forum. From terhe a deviation through the Museum Island. Behind the Arsenal, we follow the boulevard Unter den Linden with Neue Wache und Staatsoper. At the "Old Fritz" monument, we could go furhter th the "Gate", but for sure, we want to visit Gendarmenmarkt first.

the Gendarmenmarkt

Hence, we turn left to Bebel Place, have a look on the "Sunken Books" memorial of the 10th of May 1933 book burning, the "sideboard", the former royal State Library and the Holtel Rome and soon reach Gendarmenmarkt with German and French dome and the Concert House. The boulevard Friedrichstraße frings us back to the Unter den Linden ant the Parice square. Through the Brandenburg Gate, we reach the former East/West-Border and the Tiergarten park.

Through the Tiergarten and the Government District

We now might cross Tiergarten using Bremer Weg, a shadowed footpath parallel to the Street of the 17th of June, but we prefer to explore the Government ´District before. We follow the former Berlin Wall in Northern direction to the Reichstag and the Place of the Repblic. Behind the nearby Chancellor's Office (yes, this is where Mrs. Merkel has her desk) we reach the river Spree. Seeing the Pregnant Oyster, official: Hose of the Cultures of the World, we now follow the river Spree until we reach Bellevue Palace and finally the Victory Colum surrounded by the Big Star roundabout. Now, we might reach KaDeWe following Pheasantry Avenue, a large and articulated footpath adorned with sculptures showing hunting scenes, and the Uhland Road.

Zoo and Memorial Church

A last time however, we decide to go some extra way and therefore we preoliminary still follow Bremer Weg parallelt o the Street of the 17th of June. We the reach a small open air exhibition of gas lanterns, the "Gas lantern Museum", and cross the Landwehr Canal. Here, we find the "Schleusenkrug", a beer garden which even fulfills South-German requrements. Now we need to be brave because we enter the Big City again. Right hand side we see Zoo Station, West Berlins former Central Station. Finally, we do a loop around Memorial Church, the "hollow tooth" until we reach our destination, the KaDeWe department store. Don't miss the food department on your visit. Have fun!