It is in the Southwest of the Alexander Sqare. Coming from western direction (TV-Tower) just follow the tram tracks.

I do not offer drinks, but any ride may include a short stopover at one of the numerous Berlin style late-night shops ("Sp├Ąti")
Yes. I accept common credit and debitcards and Apple- or Googlepay.

It is my daily business to carry passengers with strollers. It is always worth a try whether it works in your special case. Most strollers fit in collapsed state on the floor of the passenger room. if necessary, tout ribbons are available.

My "playground" is the city of Berlin. However, if you are willing to cover the kilometer charge and necessary expenses (including the transport back), I may think about it again :-)

Of course. It is no problem. However, it may turn out that a city sightseeing tour which ends at an appropriate local transportation node has a better bang for the buck in terms of entertainment.

Sorry, this is impossible. There are not only accoutability and insurance issues: rickshaw riding is no rocket science but you DO need some practice. Some rental enterprises offer arrangements for "DIY-riders" - including some primary lessions.

Yes. I am running a registered business and the vehicles carry a specific license.

Sorry, this is impossible. My contract does not leave much room for interpretartions here.