current: Covid-19

The pandemic struck the rickshaw riding as well. Some points on that:

Rikshaw riding itself should belong to one of the most Corona-safe activites available.

  • we are at the fresh air and are exposed to the wind
  • depending on vehicle type, they either come with a shield between rider and passengers or have been retrofitted with it.
  • vehicles are equipped with a shield between driver and passengers or have been retrofitted accordingly.
  • disinfectant is available and in use


  • I recommend to wear medical or FFP2-masks during the ride
  • please note that masks are mandatory in certain areas of Berlin and we do adhere to that
  • I also usually wear a mask during the ride. "Usually" because in certain specific situations, traffic safety may rank first.

administrative measures

  • service is scheduled to start at April after Easter. Delays are highly probable due to the current incidence rates.
  • by now, no registration of contact data is required
  • cancellation of the service or its limitation to taxi rides only (no sightseeing) might be possible, depending on public anti Corona-measures.